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Proxies Settings

You can bind different proxy/ip to every different account to preheat.

Powerful Features

AI Email Generator

AtomEmailPro can generate personalized and engaging content that based on some keywords you input by integrating with AI technology of ChatGPT. By employing an AtomEmailPro AI-powered email generator, users can reap the benefits of time optimization, heightened productivity, and the assurance of maintaining superior email content quality and uniformity.


AtomEmailPro is a service that facilitates email sending through the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). It enables users to send emails efficiently and reliably, leveraging the SMTP protocol for seamless communication.

Email Marketing Pricing

Scraper Version

A stand-alone program that allows you to collect email addresses from any websites, or from all over the Internet based on keywords. It's perfect for you who only need to collect emails.

$167one time fee


Verifier Version

Verify email addresses you've gathered from local events, offline prospecting, or from your online email form. This is perfect for you who only need to verify a list of email addresses - no more and no less.

$147one time fee


Sender Version

Perfect for you who need an easy-to-use program to send mass emails to hundreds or even thousands of email addresses in seconds.

$227one time fee


Preheater Version

Suitable for those who need very high inbox rate, do not let gmail, outlook and yahoo etc,Put your emails in the bin, let them all become important emails appear in the inbox.

$227one time fee


Elite Version

Elite Version contains all functions in Scraper and Verifier Version.

$227one time fee


Ultimate Version

Ultimate Version contains all functions in Scraper, Verifier, Sender and Preheater Version.

$457one time fee


Why 80,000 users love AtomEmailPro

Jawad Rafique

"As an online salesperson, I always need enough real users. This software can help me find potential users and prove that they are real.
It also allows me to track down customers who have already contacted me."

- 2020.3

Danniadi Chang

"The sending function of this software can send the created webpage to the email address of the customer, and can also customize the reply content.
The different reply content of different customers is super."

- 2021.12

Regards,Anton K.

"This is a great way to move your email around, to mark designated messages as important and to keep them out of the trash,guys! Thank You!"

- 2023.1

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